5 pieces of multicolored Chinese Flying Lanterns

Each lantern will fly about 60 minutes , during which time it will rise to about a thousand meters in the sky !
The story of the flying lanterns dates back to ancient times and is closely related to a Chinese feast Tsinmin . Lanterns are used to send signals due to their visibility for miles . The belief is that wishes written on them or when they are put up are true.

They are also called lanterns wishes .

• Height: 100 cm , diameter 60 cm ;
• Bio - degradable flying lanterns made ​​from flame resistant paper, bamboo frame and fuel plate.


• Chinese lanterns in different colors - 5 .

• Fuel plate to each lantern.


Just ignites the fuel cell , wait for the flame to flare up and fill the balloon with hot air . Longer lasting and safer than fireworks effect .

Colors: blue, green, purple , coral , pink , pink, orange, yellow

When remarks have requested custom colors , you will get 5 pieces lanterns in different colors .

Preferences for color are executed until the amount of the corresponding color.

Before use, carefully read the instructions !


10 steps for safe use of flying lanterns :

1. Make sure the wind is very low - 10 km / h or lighter is recommended for ignition of flying lanterns of all sizes .
2 . Use only in an open area away from trees , power lines and buildings. Do not use if flying lanterns within a radius of seven kilometers an airport .
3 . In the case of light wind , make sure you run the flying lantern , he does not fly into buildings, trees , airports , roads or territory to which may be dangerous .
4 . Ensure that all spectators stand upwind towards people placing flying lanterns.
5 . It is advisable to have a bucket of water or fire extinguisher nearby in case of emergency.
6 . Flying lanterns are not toys. They must be placed in the presence of responsible adults .
7 . Not to be used during long periods of drought.
8 . Do not Run flying lanterns with torn or damaged body.
9. Do not Run flying lanterns of people intoxicated or under the influence of drugs.
10 . Carefully read safety instructions before running flying lanterns.

How is the used :

Easier release of lanterns by two people - one to hold the flashlight and the second person to ignite the fuel plate.
1. Carefully remove the paper lanterns from the pack, not to violate the integrity , and stretch it to the full, being careful not to tear the paper body. Gently wave the air , so the lantern to fill with air.
2 . Then remove the protective film from the fuel plate and attach the plate to the good fuel lantern with the help of the wire .
3 . Hold the lantern from the top of his upright and fully deploy until the second man ignites the fuel plate in several places to ensure even burning.
4 . The fuel plates were allowed to burn while flying lantern filled with enough warm air. When the lantern is ready to fly ,
will gently try to separate from your hands ( about a minute ) .

Instructions in warm weather :

At elevated temperatures during the summer , filling the lantern with hot air is slower , since environmental average temperature is higher and make the temperature difference which is why flying lanterns need more vreme.We recommend retaining lantern until the lifting its force felt in the hands and he abruptly leaves nagore.V otherwise lantern can make a short flight of a few meters and fall .

Do not forget to Make a one wish before running lantern !


On opening this product you take full responsibility for personal injury and civil damages for improper use of flying lanterns. The use of flying lanterns in inappropriate surroundings or weather conditions can lead to fires.

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Flying Lanterns

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