Cupping therapy has a venerable history in China and is an important part of traditional Chinese medicine. Maintaining good health using Chinese cupping therapy emetod to maintain health , strength and energy of the body, along with disease prevention in everyday life.

Cupping kit combines the advantages of traditional cupping , avoiding their disadvantages. Cups are transparent , in order to observe the change in color of the skin and bleeding it , do not use fire, so that there is no danger of skin burns. The pressure in the suction cups can be adjusted depending on the state of health of the patient , and physics .

Device for cupping therapy combines the therapeutic effect of cups and magnetic therapy.

Applied on the acupuncture points and treat :

    Internal Medicine - common cold , bronchitis , bronchial asthma , acute and chronic gastritis , colitis, nervous vomiting , diarrhea, high blood pressure, neurasthenia , migraine , obesity, cystitis, acute pancreatitis , diabetes , impotence , prostatitis ;
    External Diseases - cervical spondylosis , lumbago , intercostal neuralgia , sciatica , rheumatoid arthritis , fibrosis of the neck and shoulder , hemorrhoids , neuritis ;
    gynecological diseases - dysmenorrhea ( painful menstruation ) , amenorrhea ( absence of menstruation ) , menstrual irregularities , vaginal discharge , chronic inflammation of the female genital organs , menopause , insufficient maternal lactation , mastitis ;
    skin diseases - urticaria, neurodermatitis , psoriasis, shingles.

Device for cupping therapy is difficult fragile , convenient and safe to use, can be used both in hospitals and massage parlors and at home.

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