Elastic compression stockings Magic Socks varicose veins

Suffer from varicose veins or work sitting and evening feeling tired feet and swollen ? If so, you probably need a new tool for pain relief - our new elastic compression stockings Magic Socks They improve circulation and reduce swelling in the area of ​​the calves and thighs.

Allowing a controlled blood flow in the area of the fingers.

Magic Socks ensuring exact degree of compression fit securely around the ankles , the compression gradually decreases up the leg .

Suitable for:

    Prevention and treatment of varicose veins
    Relief of edema resulting from long standing or sitting
    Long hiking
    People who lead a sedentary lifestyle
    People who spend more time sitting down and not move his feet enough
    Reusable .
    Composition: 92% polyamide , 8% spandex
    Size: fit the size 37 to 42
    Extremely durable , does not break easily.

For maximum beneficial effect from the use of stockings for varicose veins should observe the following rules : socks are shod thing in the morning and removed immediately before bedtime , you can wash them every day - suitable for repeated machine washing , drying ventilated places away from direct sunlight ;

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Magic Socks

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